News – 10.12.21

VESPA Mindset – Term 1 – How’s it Going?

VESPA Mindset – Term 1 – How’s it Going?

Action Research Group 2

This year at Runshaw College, we are collaborating with Blackpool and the Fylde College to continue last year’s research into the impact of interventions based around the VESPA mindset model on GCSE resit students’ mindset and progress. All students on the full year GCSE Maths course have completed the initial VESPA questionnaire, been given their individual mindset report, and had opportunity to reflect on it in class. Eight activities have been planned for within the GCSE Maths scheme of work. This half term we have completed two VESPA activities.  These were aimed at supporting students with their revision techniques and time management as they begin their preparations for their first mock exam before breaking up for Christmas. 

Hopefully, this year’s project will have a much greater focus on the impact of 1:1 coaching based around the VESPA model. Recruitment of students for 1:1 coaching has begun for the first round and relies solely on students volunteering themselves. All students have been shown an information video in class (also available on moodle) and those interested have emailed Kate to book an initial session.  

Kate, Carla and Zoe have been busy reading around coaching, putting together a coaching agreement and planning initial sessions. The students that have volunteered for coaching have been timetabled with a coach depending on when they are free. The coach and the student will discuss how often and for how long they would like sessions to take place and set an ultimate goal. Each week smaller goals will be set and progress towards the ultimate goal reviewed. VESPA activities will be used to facilitate this. The goal may or may not be maths specific. Sessions are intended to develop students’ non-cognitive skills and to benefit all areas of their studies. 

Further information on the VESPA model can be found here, and last year’s research report can be accessed here.